Commit d3817743 authored by Matthieu Caneill's avatar Matthieu Caneill

update doc on suite archiving

parent 7a48191c
......@@ -12,5 +12,9 @@ gets removed from the mirror network.
bin/debsources-suite-archive add squeeze
or, more precisely on sources.d.o machine:
sudo -u debsources PYTHONPATH=./lib bin/debsources-suite-archive add squeeze -vvv --single-transaction no
4) run 'bin/debsources-suite-archive list' and check that the given suite is
marked as both available and indexed, i.e., True on both columns
# When a new Debian release is out
* update debsources/consts.txt
* archive oldoldstable
* archive oldoldstable (see doc/archiving-a-suite.txt)
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