Commit 0b210dae authored by Paul Wise's avatar Paul Wise

Add hash (#) character to bug numbers for autoremovals

Bug numbers are always shown with hash characters elsewhere.
parent 98e45137
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......@@ -2171,7 +2171,7 @@ class UpdateAutoRemovalsStatsTask(BaseTask):
buggy_dependencies = stats.get('buggy_dependencies', [])
reverse_dependencies = stats.get('rdeps', [])
all_bugs = stats['bugs'] + bugs_dependencies
link = '<a href="{}">{}</a>'
link = '<a href="{}">#{}</a>'
removal_date = stats['removal_date'].strftime('%d %B')
if isinstance(removal_date, bytes):
removal_date = removal_date.decode('utf-8', 'ignore')
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