Commit 23ac2083 authored by Raphaël Hertzog's avatar Raphaël Hertzog

debci_status: display exact status for each repository

When a failure was present only in one of the repositories, the messages
would mislead the user into believing that the tests actually fail in all
the repositories.
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{% for data in item.extra_data %}
<b>{{ data.repository }}</b>: <b>test failures</b> (<a href="{{ data.log }}">log</a>)
<b>{{ data.repository }}</b>: <b class='alert-{% if 'fail' in data.status %}danger{% else %}info{% endif %}'>{{ data.status }}</b> (<a href="{{ data.log }}">log</a>)
<br/>The tests ran in {{ data.duration }}
<br/>Last run: {{ }}
<br/>Previous status: <b>{{ data.previous_status }}</b>
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