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Release 1.1.0

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distro-tracker (1.1.0) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Raphaël Hertzog ]
* Disable "W504 line break after binary operator" in flake8
* Enable flake8 plugin flake8-import-order and document the convention
* Enable flake8 plugin forbidding shadowing of Python builtins
* Fix import ordering in recent changes
* Enable flake8 logging-format plugin
* Enable flake8 plugin flake8-rst-docstrings
* Enable flake8 plugin flake8-docstrings
* Add docstrings to public modules and packages
* Fix capitalization of docstrings
* Fix docstrings that embed their signature
* Improve the wording of the VcsWatch action items (Closes: #918793)
* flake8: fix some import ordering issues
* core: do not return item providers when not part of any installed app
* tox: update tests to use Django 2.2 (next LTS)
* auto_news: disable get_resource_content() during tests
* get_resource_content: do not ignore HTTP errors
* get_resource_content: do not ignore network failures
* get_resource_content: add an attribute to ignore a specific HTTP error
[ Pierre-Elliott Bécue ]
* Ignore canonical venv/ directory
* Rely on SourcePackageName for Subscription API tests
* Refactors
* Force the check of existence of a package in ChooseSubscriptionEmailView
* Implement a safe_redirect method
* Use the format_html tag to protect a user input
* Manually implement safe_redirect in django_email_accounts for login/logout
[ Paul Wise ]
* Add links to the Developers Reference section on reintroducing packages
* Fix indentation level of a return statement
* Replace crossqa link name with cross
[ Johannes 'josch' Schauer ]
* vendor/debian/templates/debian/logcheck-links.html: Add crossqa link
* add build dependency satisfiability results from
* distro_tracker/vendor/debian/ fix singular dependencie
=> dependency
* explicitly state that the (build-)dependency satisfaction action item is
for unstable
* Update(Build)DependencySatisfactionTask: avoid falls positives
[ Dylan Aïssi ]
* Add to the list of known mailing list archives
(Closes: #903232)
[ Salman Mohammadi ]
* installation.rst: update python bindings for the databases and include the
specific names of the packages
* debian/{apache,ngnix}/distro-tracker: add Let's Encrypt (certbot)
commented lines (Closes: #926273)
* doc: change the sphinx theme from default to sphinx_rtd_theme
(Closes: #926336)
* update wordings in reporting bugs section
[ Sébastien Delafond ]
* Add documentation about creating a Django superuser
* Un-hardcode, and instead rely on new
* Use base_url in debci-action-item.html template
* Make debci_status a separate app
* Add DISTRO_TRACKER_DEBCI_URL to project/settings/
* Move DebciLink and related tests under debci_status app
* Make base_url an attribute via a @property decorator
* Add debci status to team page
* flake8 fixes
* Get rid of unused general_data attribute
* Rename general attribute to context
* Change column display name to Tests
* Use proper label for displaying debci status in package table
* Update copyright notice
* Do not enable debci app by default, but instead only for Debian and Kali
* Move DebciTableField into debci_status, and use it in both Debian and Kali
* Move debci-related templates under debci_status/
* Do not hardcode "unstable" as development repository
* Update module path in documentation for debci-related tasks
* Make DebciStatusTask repository-aware
* Debci action item is now a list of debci statuses, and is rendered as such
on the main page
* Provide aggregated debci status in column, with detailed per-repository
popover view
* models: add a Repository.find() classmethod
* debci: gracefully handle unavailable repositories in UpdateDebciStatusTask
* debci: new DISTRO_TRACKER_DEBCI_REPOSITORIES project setting
* debci: use collections.defaultdict to simplify code in
* debci: remove unused devel_repo property from UpdateDebciStatusTask
[ Lev Lazinskiy ]
* update copyright date in the footer
-- Raphaël Hertzog <> Tue, 04 Jun 2019 16:18:11 +0200
distro-tracker (1.0.1) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Raphaël Hertzog ]
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