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better description for Debian Edu related jobs

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......@@ -47,14 +47,6 @@ Installation tests with g-i, the graphical version of d-i, the debian-installer.
* 'g-i-installation_debian_squeeze_xfce'
** squeeze installation of Xfce desktop with squeeze image
* Debian Edu installation tests of specific profiles and suites:
** 'g-i-installation_debian-edu_squeeze-test_standalone'
** 'g-i-installation_debian-edu_squeeze-test_workstation'
** 'g-i-installation_debian-edu_squeeze-test_combi-server'
** 'g-i-installation_debian-edu_wheezy-test_standalone'
** 'g-i-installation_debian-edu_wheezy-test_workstation'
** 'g-i-installation_debian-edu_wheezy-test_combi-server'
=== debian-installer jobs
* 'd_i_build_$source_package'
......@@ -96,6 +88,23 @@ Installation tests inside chroot environments.
** these $set_of_packages exist: 'gnome', 'kde', 'kde-full', 'lxde', 'xfc', 'full_desktop' (all five desktops plus `vlc evince iceweasel chromium cups build-essential devscripts wine texlive-full asciidoc vim emacs` and (`libreoffice virt-manager mplayer2` (jessie/sid) or `openoffice virtualbox mplayer` (squeeze/wheezy)) and 'develop'
*** install is done with `apt-get install`, except for 'develop' where `apt-get build-dep` is used to install the build dependencies of these packages.
=== Debian Edu related jobs
* All Debian Edu related jobs can be seen at these two URLs:
** about Debian Edu Jessie
** about Debian Edu Wheezy and Squeeze
* Then there are three types of jobs:
** 'g-i-installation-$(distro)-$(profile)':
*** tests installation of a profile with preseeding in the graphical installer,
*** screenshots and logs are preserved and a movie created,
*** testing clients against the main-server is planned too, for some time...
** 'chroot-installation-$(distro)-$(education-metapackage)':
*** tests apt installation of a metapackage in a specic distro.
* 'edu-packages-$(distro)-$(src-package)':
** builds one of the six debian-edu packages ('debian-edu', 'debian-edu-config', 'debian-edu-install', 'debian-edu-doc', 'debian-edu-artwork', 'debian-edu-archive-keyring' on every push to it's git master branch
** and whenever 'debian-edu-doc' is build, get's updated automatically afterwards too.
=== lintian jobs
* FIXME: describe lintian jobs
......@@ -128,9 +137,6 @@ jenkins@jenkins:~$ /srv/jenkins/bin/ package1
jenkins@jenkins:~$ /srv/jenkins/bin/ package1
=== edu-packages jobs
* These jobs just build the master branch of the GIT repository of six Debian Edu packages in a sid environment on every GIT push.
=== dvswitch jobs
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