Commit 0faa4aaf authored by Mattia Rizzolo's avatar Mattia Rizzolo

reproducible debian: notes: only store notes for debian packages

Signed-off-by: Mattia Rizzolo's avatarMattia Rizzolo <>
parent 7edea4d5
......@@ -48,10 +48,14 @@ def load_notes():
except AssertionError:
print_critical_message(pkg + ' does not include a version')
irc_msg('The note for ' + pkg + ' does not include a version.')
# We are only dealing with notes targetting debian, so hardcode it here
# for now. Need to be rethought as a whole when multi-distro notes comes
query = """SELECT, s.version, s.suite
FROM results AS r JOIN sources AS s ON
WHERE'{pkg}' AND r.status != ''"""
# AND s.architecture='amd64'"""
FROM results AS r
JOIN sources AS s ON
JOIN distributions AS d on
WHERE = 'debian'
AND'{pkg}' AND r.status != ''"""
query = query.format(pkg=pkg)
result = query_db(query)
if not result:
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