Commit 250fb748 authored by Holger Levsen's avatar Holger Levsen

reproducible Arch Linux: update regex to ignore Arch Linux schroot sessions

Signed-off-by: Holger Levsen's avatarHolger Levsen <>
parent 541109de
......@@ -231,14 +231,14 @@ cleanup_schroot_sessions() {
for loop in $(seq 0 40) ; do
# first, check if no process using "schroot" is running, if thats the case, loop through all schroot sessions:
# arch sessions are ignored, because they are handled properly
pgrep -f "schroot --directory" || for i in $(schroot --all-sessions -l |grep -v "session:jenkins-reproducible-archlinux"||true) ; do
pgrep -f "schroot --directory" || for i in $(schroot --all-sessions -l |grep -v "session:archlinux"||true) ; do
# then, check that schroot is still not run, and then delete the session
if [ -z $i ] ; then
pgrep -f "schroot --directory" || schroot -e -c $i
RESULT=$(schroot --all-sessions -l|grep -v "session:jenkins-reproducible-archlinux"||true)
RESULT=$(schroot --all-sessions -l|grep -v "session:archlinux"||true)
if [ -z "$RESULT" ] ; then
echo "No schroot sessions in use atm..."
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