Commit 26b7c366 authored by Holger Levsen's avatar Holger Levsen

reproducible Debian meta pkgs: deal with changed email address of a11y team

Signed-off-by: Holger Levsen's avatarHolger Levsen <>
parent d7b64704
......@@ -422,7 +422,8 @@ update_pkg_set_specific() {
# debian-accessibility@l.d.o maintainers
grep-dctrl -sPackage -n -FMaintainer,Uploaders $SOURCES > $TMPFILE
grep-dctrl -sPackage -n -FMaintainer,Uploaders $SOURCES > $TMPFILE || true
grep-dctrl -sPackage -n -FMaintainer,Uploaders $SOURCES >> $TMPFILE || true
# debian-boot@l.d.o maintainers
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