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torbrowser-launcher: drop all jobs and code, as noone was paying attention to this for >2 years

Signed-off-by: Holger Levsen's avatarHolger Levsen <>
parent d026592c
......@@ -201,16 +201,6 @@ usage: [-h] [-o] [-p PACKAGES [PACKAGES ...]]
* Finally, there are also jobs testing the link:[coreboot], link:[OpenWrt], link:[NetBSD] and[FreeBSD] projects. The results of the tests can be seen respectively at,, and
=== torbrowser-launcher jobs
link:[Tor Browser] is not part of Debian. To easily and securely use it, one can run <pre>sudo apt-get install torbrowser-launcher</pre> and then run torbrowser-launcher which will download Tor Browser and well, launch it. And this sometimes breaks, when things change, which is rather frequently the case…
There is a link:[graphical status overview of torbrowser tests on Debian] which are tests installing torbrowser-launcher on and from sid, stretch, jessie-backports, jessie and wheezy-backports, which first download torbrowser via https and via tor, then launches it to finally connect to a debian mirror via an onion-address and then to In addition to these there are also tests installing the package from stretch on jessie as well as the package from sid on stretch and jessie. Finally there are also tests for building the package from our git branches for various suites and finally there's a daily build of the package based on the upstream git master branch merged with our sid packaging.
There are 17 different tests currently and they are configured in just two files, a 220 line link:[yaml file defining the jenkins jobs] and 528 lines of link:[bash script containing the actual test code].
These tests are executed either daily or weekly (those testing the package from ftp.d.o) or on every commit and at least once every month (those testing the package build from git).
=== jenkins.d.n jobs
These are jobs for making sure is running smoothly.
......@@ -468,25 +468,6 @@ correctly, Guix is ready for work.
Development of these tests has stopped. In future we will use instead.
=== torbrowser-launcher_*
* fix "schroot session cleanup loop" in to ignore other schroots
* test tbl in German
** edit '~/.config/torbrowser/settings' file and modify the latest_version setting
** get version from '~/.cache/torbrowser/download/RecommendedTBBVersions'
** (warning: on update checks these files are written again…)
* fix broken screenshot while job is running via apache redirect
* notifications should go somewhere public, after a while of testing.
* run this in qemu and enable apparmor too? -> create new tests for apparmor first :)
** extend to also setup virtual harddrives, see
** install linux, grub and copy the testscript and ssh keys on the the fs
** configure apparmor
** boot qemu
** ssh into the vm and run the script as usal
** touch -d "$(date -u -d '25 hours ago' '+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M')" $FILE
*** repeat test…
* run upstream tests on stable and sid too: ?
== Further ideas...
......@@ -185,9 +185,8 @@ build_jenkins_job_health_page() {
let numfilters-=1 # that's what you get when you start counting from 0
echo "$(date -u) - starting to write jenkins_job_health page."
# vim: set noexpandtab:
# Copyright © 2012-2017 Holger Levsen <>
# Copyright © 2012-2018 Holger Levsen <>
# © 2013 Antonio Terceiro <>
# © 2014 Joachim Breitner <>
# © 2015-2018 MAttia Rizzolo <>
......@@ -27,16 +27,10 @@ declare -a EXTRA_SOURCES
for i in $(seq 0 7) ; do
if [ "$1" = "torbrowser-launcher" ] ; then
if [ "$1" = "backports" ] ; then
EXTRA_SOURCES[2]="deb $MIRROR ${SUITE}-backports main $CONTRIB"
EXTRA_SOURCES[3]="deb-src $MIRROR ${SUITE}-backports main $CONTRIB"
EXTRA_SOURCES[2]="deb $MIRROR ${SUITE}-backports main"
EXTRA_SOURCES[3]="deb-src $MIRROR ${SUITE}-backports main"
......@@ -72,11 +66,11 @@ sudo chmod +x $SCHROOT_TARGET # workaround #844220 / #872812
if [ "$SUITE" = "experimental" ] ; then
# experimental cannot be bootstrapped
EXTRA_SOURCES[0]="deb $MIRROR experimental main $CONTRIB"
EXTRA_SOURCES[1]="deb-src $MIRROR experimental main $CONTRIB"
EXTRA_SOURCES[0]="deb $MIRROR experimental main"
EXTRA_SOURCES[1]="deb-src $MIRROR experimental main"
elif [ "$SUITE" != "unstable" ] && [ "$SUITE" != "sid" ] ; then
EXTRA_SOURCES[6]="deb $SUITE/updates main $CONTRIB"
EXTRA_SOURCES[7]="deb-src $SUITE/updates main $CONTRIB"
EXTRA_SOURCES[6]="deb $SUITE/updates main"
EXTRA_SOURCES[7]="deb-src $SUITE/updates main"
......@@ -119,8 +113,8 @@ bootstrap() {
# configure the APT sources
sudo tee "$SCHROOT_TARGET/etc/apt/sources.list" > /dev/null <<-__END__
# generated by $BUILD_URL
deb-src $MIRROR $SUITE main $CONTRIB
deb $MIRROR $SUITE main
deb-src $MIRROR $SUITE main
for i in $(seq 0 7) ; do
[ -z "${EXTRA_SOURCES[$i]}" ] || echo "${EXTRA_SOURCES[$i]}" | sudo tee -a $SCHROOT_TARGET/etc/apt/sources.list >/dev/null
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......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@
text: Sponsored by Profitbricks
icon: /userContent/images/profitbricks-24x24.png
description: '{my_description}<br><br>Job configuration source is <a href="">piuparts.yaml</a>.'
description: '{my_description}<br><br>Job configuration source is <a href="">piuparts.yaml</a>.'
daysToKeep: 90
numToKeep: 20
This diff is collapsed.
# see
# list of warnings here...
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