Commit 6ed1274e authored by Holger Levsen's avatar Holger Levsen

reproducible Archlinux: layout plan how to switch to sql based html

Signed-off-by: Holger Levsen's avatarHolger Levsen <>
parent f13a7008
......@@ -319,16 +319,6 @@ See link:["about jenkins.debian
* maintenance job:
** check for archlinux schroot sessions which should not be there and delete them. complain if that fails.
* html
** disable html + builder jobs
** then rename all diffoscope html files to diffoscope_results.html
** then rename all good pkg html files to index.html
** if ! -f pkg.state || ! -f index.html... recreate
** create index.html for all ftbr pkgs
** create index.html for all other pkgs
** include link to debian note if it exists
** create page for untested packages?
* use db
** problem: we currently have more (detailed) stati in archlinux
** extend
......@@ -341,10 +331,19 @@ See link:["about jenkins.debian
*** check/make sure that packages which are newer in trunk than repo are only scheduled once
** make
*** write db
**** write temp script to populate db with known date: pkg.state, pkg.build_date. stop builders and html job when running this
**** save state details on fs until we know better / the answer to the problem above
*** do not share /var/log/jenkins/reproducible-race-conditions.log with debian
*** make build respect pacman exit code
** create new job to recreate all pkg pages
** call pkg html function after each build
** html
*** disable all current html creation
*** leave all files, delete them (much) later
*** recreate them newly as index.html
**** create new job to recreate all pkg pages
**** call pkg html function after each build
*** create index pages
*** create new archlinux.html - keep the old one til this works
** cleanup now useless code from scheduler
** create json
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