Commit 759a9b5d authored by Holger Levsen's avatar Holger Levsen

slightly improve wording

parent 82a784ee
......@@ -37,11 +37,11 @@ if [ "${0:0:5}" != "/tmp/" ] ; then
echo "To understand what this job does, clone"
echo "and then have a look at bin/$(basename $0)"
echo "The script is called using \"$@\" as arguments."
echo "This invocation of the script has been called using \"$@\" as arguments."
echo "===================================================================================="
echo "$(date) - start running \"$0\" as \"$TTT\"."
# this is the "hack": call ourself as a copy in /tmp again
# (setsid is not related to this hack. see commit log for 24deda5a8 it.)
/srv/jenkins/bin/ $TTT "$@"
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