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README: explain dvswitch jobs, update TODO.

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......@@ -138,10 +138,12 @@ jenkins@jenkins:~$ /srv/jenkins/bin/ package1
=== dvswitch jobs
* FIXME: describe dvswitch jobs
* There are three jobs currently:
** 'dvswitch_sid' and 'dvswitch_jessie' build the master branch of dvswitch against that environment.
** while 'dvswitch_against_libav_git' builds the master branch of dvswitch using libav also build from it's master branch. This is done in an sid environment.
** Except for 'dvswitch_jessie' which is triggered by a successful 'dvswitch_sid' run, the jobs are triggered by git commits.
=== self jobs
=== jenkins.d.n jobs
These are jobs for making sure is running smoothly.
......@@ -30,6 +30,9 @@ See link:["about jenkins.debian
* put kgb-client.conf in git and sed passwords from filesystem into it...
* turn udd-versionskew packages names into tracker.d.o links and provide version numbers in output too
* unreproducible-with-buildinfo should really be a state in the DB
* replace amd64 in scripts with $HOSTARCH
* run debbindiff against .changes files in current directory, instead of $LONGPATHES (due to #764459)
* reproducible_scheduler should never fail loudly
=== jenkins-job-builder related
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