Commit 94469490 authored by Vagrant Cascadian's avatar Vagrant Cascadian

reproducible: vary BUILDDIR for 2nd build so that the path length also

parent 8497c4cc
......@@ -657,7 +657,7 @@ EOF
# build path is only varied on unstable and experimental
if [ "${SUITE}" = "unstable" ] || [ "$SUITE" = "experimental" ]; then
local src_dir_name="$(perl -mDpkg::Source::Package -e '$_ = Dpkg::Source::Package->new(filename => $ARGV[0])->get_basename; s/_/-/g; print' -- "${SRCPACKAGE}_${EVERSION}.dsc")"
echo "BUILDDIR=/build/$src_dir_name" >> "$TMPCFG"
echo "BUILDDIR=/build/2/$src_dir_name" >> "$TMPCFG"
echo "BUILDSUBDIR=2nd" >> "$TMPCFG"
echo "BUILDDIR=/build" >> "$TMPCFG"
......@@ -489,7 +489,7 @@ write_variation_table() {
write_page "<tr><td>gid</td><td>gid=1111</td><td>gid=2222</td></tr>"
write_page "<tr><td>/bin/sh</td><td>/bin/dash</td><td>/bin/bash</td></tr>"
write_page "<tr><td><em><a href=\"\">usrmerge</a></em> package installed</td><td>no</td><td>yes</td></tr>"
write_page "<tr><td>build path</td><td>/build/1st/\$pkg-\$ver <em>(not varied for stretch/buster)</em></td><td>/build/\$pkg-\$ver/2nd <em>(not varied for stretch/buster)</em></td></tr>"
write_page "<tr><td>build path</td><td>/build/1st/\$pkg-\$ver <em>(not varied for stretch/buster)</em></td><td>/build/2/\$pkg-\$ver/2nd <em>(not varied for stretch/buster)</em></td></tr>"
write_page "<tr><td>user's login shell</td><td>/bin/sh</td><td>/bin/bash</td></tr>"
write_page "<tr><td>user's <a href="">GECOS</a></td><td>first user,first room,first work-phone,first home-phone,first other</td><td>second user,second room,second work-phone,second home-phone,second other</td></tr>"
write_page "<tr><td>env DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS</td><td>DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=\"parallel=XXX\"<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;XXX on amd64: 16 or 15<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;XXX on i386: 10 or 9<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;XXX on armhf: 8, 4 or 2</td><td>DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=\"parallel=YYY\"<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;YYY on amd64: 16 or 15 (!= the first build)<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;YYY on i386: 10 or 9 (!= the first build)<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;YYY is the same as XXX on arm64<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;YYY on armhf: 8, 4, or 2 (not varied systematically)</td></tr>"
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