Commit a9b170c4 authored by Holger Levsen's avatar Holger Levsen

another FIXME done

parent 576dd7a4
......@@ -88,12 +88,11 @@ Installation tests inside chroot environments.
* plus there is 'chroot-installation_squeeze_bootstrap_upgrade_to_wheezy', which bootstraps *squeeze* and upgrades that to *wheezy*
** on successful run of the bootstrap job, six $distro-install(+upgrade) jobs are triggered.
* FIXME: describe upgrade jobs here too
* $distro-install jobs (and $distro-install+upgrade jobs):
** `debootstrap $distro`, install a *$set_of_packages* (and upgrade to *$2nd_distro*)
** these $set_of_packages exist: 'gnome', 'kde', 'kde-full', 'lxde', 'xfc', 'full_desktop' (all five desktops plus `vlc evince iceweasel chromium cups build-essential devscripts wine texlive-full asciidoc vim emacs` and (`libreoffice virt-manager mplayer2` (jessie/sid) or `openoffice virtualbox mplayer` (squeeze/wheezy)) and 'develop'
*** install is done with `apt-get install`, except for 'develop' where `apt-get build-dep` is used to install the build dependencies of these packages.
** Then there are also all the corresponding upgrade jobs, eg 'chroot-installation_wheezy_install_gnome_upgrade_to_jessie'
=== Debian Edu related jobs
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