Commit aabc6c81 authored by Holger Levsen's avatar Holger Levsen

reproducible: really list all source packages in use

parent 38ec5f32
......@@ -15,17 +15,18 @@ init_html
echo "$(date) - starting to write $PAGE page."
write_page_header $VIEW "Overview of ${SPOKENTARGET[$VIEW]}"
curl > $TMPFILE
echo "$(date) - starting to write $PAGE page."
write_page_header $VIEW "Overview of ${SPOKENTARGET[$VIEW]}"
write_page "<p>These source packages are different from sid in our apt repository on alioth. They are available for <a href=\"\">testing using these sources.lists</a> entries:<pre>"
write_page "deb ./"
write_page "deb-src ./"
write_page "</pre></p>"
write_page "<p><table><tr><th>source package</th><th>version in our repo</th><th>version in sid</th><th>old versions in our repo<br />(needed for reproducing old builds)</th><th>version in experimental</br />(not relevant for <em>yet</em>)</tr>"
SOURCES=$(grep-dctrl -n -s source -FArchitecture amd64 -o -FArchitecture all $TMPFILE | sort -u)
curl > $TMPFILE
SOURCES=$(grep-dctrl -n -s Package -r -FPackage . $TMPFILE | sort -u)
for PKG in $SOURCES ; do
write_page "<tr><td>$PKG</td>"
VERSIONS=$(grep-dctrl -n -s version -S $PKG $TMPFILE|sort -u)
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