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reproducible Debian: plan Debian ftp.d.o rebuilder

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......@@ -92,6 +92,17 @@ See link:["about jenkins.debian
<Ramereth> we currently have it running all the time on all physical nodes
=== Debian rebuilder
* run jenkins job on pb7 (=buildinfos.d.n)
* keep data in sqlite on pb7
** table shoud have these fields:
** src-pkg, binary-pkg, sha1 of .deb on ftp.d.o, sha1 of .buildinfo file (signed), sha1 of .buildinfo file (unsigned or signature stripped), signature type, name of .buildinfo file (from ftp.d.o)
*** and either architecture of .deb or filename of .deb (as that includes the architecture)
* export data as .json via https
* import data on jenkins
* schedule/trigger rebuilds on osuosl173, put data in sqlite on pb7
=== upgrades to buster
* only done on osuosl174 yet.
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