Commit b6b60b84 authored by Holger Levsen's avatar Holger Levsen

update 3 more URLs for salsa

Signed-off-by: Holger Levsen's avatarHolger Levsen <>
parent e23f278d
......@@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ See link:["about jenkins.debian
** include diffoscope run time in log
* missing variations:
** prebuilder does (user) group variation like this:
** prebuilder does (user) group variation like this:
** variation of $TERM and $COLUMN (and maybe $LINES), unset in the first run, set to "linux" and "77" (and maybe "42") in the 2nd run.
*** actually TERM is set to "linux" by default already, COLUMN is unset
** vary order of $PATH entries, see #844500
......@@ -459,8 +459,8 @@ correctly, Guix is ready for work.
=== chroot-installation_*
* use schroot for chroot-installation, stop using plain chroot everywhere
* add alternative tests with aptitude and possible apt
* split etc/schroot/default
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