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reproducible Debian and in general: seems we're good for buster

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......@@ -136,6 +136,8 @@ Installation tests inside chroot environments.
* The (current) purpose of is to show the potential of reproducible builds for Debian - and six other projects currently. This is research, showing what could (and should) be done... check for the real status of the project for Debian!
* For Debian, four suites, 'stretch', 'buster', 'unstable' and 'experimental', are tested on four architectures: 'amd64', 'i386', 'arm64' and 'armhf'. The tests are done using 'pbuilder' through several concurrent workers: 40 for 'amd64', 24 for 'i386', 32 for 'arm64' and 51 for 'armhf', which are each constantly testing packages and saving the results of these tests. There's a single link:[systemd service] starting all of these link:[workers] which in turn launch the actual link:[build script]. (So the actual builds and tests are happening outside the jenkins service.)
** To shutdown all the workers use: `sudo systemctl stop reproducible_build@startup.service ; /srv/jenkins/bin/`
** To start all the workers use: `sudo systemctl start reproducible_build@startup.service`
* These builds on remote nodes run on very different hardware:
** for 'amd64' we are using four virtual machines, profitbricks-build(1+5+11+15)-amd64, which have 15 or 16 cores and 48gb ram each. These nodes are sponsored by link:[Profitbricks].
special deployement needed for this:
$ sudo systemctl stop reproducible_build@startup.service >> document this in README or INSTALL
changes not yet prepared in git
finally, remove this file again.
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