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Contributing code to this project
=== Contributing code to this project
It's helpful to track fixes or new features via wishlist bugs against the
'' package, eg with the 'reportbug' tool ('devscripts' package).
......@@ -7,9 +6,11 @@ The BTS will ensure the developers' mailing list
is notified.
The code is available in the link:[ repository].
Patches can be submitted by mail (git format-patch, see below)
or as requests to pull from a publicly-visible git repository.
In either case, please make a topic branch based on the 'develop' branch.
In either case, please make a topic branch based on the 'master' branch.
You can send patches or requests to the development list,
or to the tracking bug: <bugnumber>
......@@ -26,8 +27,10 @@ One possible workflow:
# <describe the issue, attach the patch>
Contributing bugs to other projects
=== Contributing bugs to other projects
Another very useful type of contributions are filing bug reports based
on jenkins job runs. Another useful kind of contribution would be to
describe how.
// vim: set filetype=asciidoc:
......@@ -18,12 +18,14 @@ The (virtualized) hardware is sponsored since October 2012 by http://www.profitb
Some stats are available using link:[munin-plugins for jenkins].
=== Get involved
== Getting involved is ment as QA ressource for the whole Debian project. Please contact us (via #debian-qa on IRC or via the debian-qa mailinglist) If you / your project is interested to run tests in this setup!
If you notice some jobs has problems and you want to find out why, read <<debug,debug certain jobs>> to learn how to do debug jobs locally.
== Notifications
There are two types of notifications being used: email and IRC. At the end of each builds console log it says to where notifcations has been send. An adress of the form 'jenkins-foo' means an IRC notification has been send to the #foo IRC channel.
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