Commit d19bfa6e authored by Holger Levsen's avatar Holger Levsen

fixup c1e8486d: /srv/workspace/pbuilder is now created by pbuilder when it needs it

parent 4df8833f
......@@ -48,8 +48,8 @@ if [ "${0:0:5}" != "/tmp/" ] ; then
exit $?
# cleanup is done automatically via trap
# these two directories reside on tmpfs, so they might be gone after reboots...
mkdir -p /srv/workspace/chroots /srv/workspace/pbuilder
# this directory resides on tmpfs, so it might be gone after reboots...
mkdir -p /srv/workspace/chroots
# default settings used for the environment
if [ -z "$LC_ALL" ]; then
export LC_ALL=C.UTF-8
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