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add CONTRIBUTING document, large based on the one from piuparts

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Contributing code to this project
It's helpful to track fixes or new features via wishlist bugs against the
'' package, eg with the 'reportbug' tool ('devscripts' package).
The BTS will ensure the developers' mailing list
is notified.
Patches can be submitted by mail (git format-patch, see below)
or as requests to pull from a publicly-visible git repository.
In either case, please make a topic branch based on the 'develop' branch.
You can send patches or requests to the development list,
or to the tracking bug: <bugnumber>
One possible workflow:
git clone git://
git checkout origin/master -b <topicname>
git commit -a
git format-patch -M origin/master
<describe the issue, attach the patch>
Contributing bugs to other projects
Another very useful type of contributions are filing bug reports based
on jenkins job runs. Another useful kind of contribution would be to
describe how.
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