Commit e6b96671 authored by Mattia Rizzolo's avatar Mattia Rizzolo Committed by Holger Levsen

TODO: link bugs + reword items a bit

parent 398d2d66
......@@ -44,11 +44,11 @@ See link:["about jenkins.debian
=== To be done once bugs are fixed
* bin/ includes a workaround for #767260 (console-setup doesn't support parallel build)
* etc/munin/plugins/munin_stats includes the proposed fix for #767032
* etc/munin/plugins/cpu includes work in progress for #767100
* etc/munin/plugins/iostat_ios includes work in progress for #767018
* bin/ includes a workaround for #774685
* link:[#767260] workaround in bin/ (console-setup doesn't support parallel build)
* link:[#767032] manyal fix in etc/munin/plugins/munin_stats
* link:[#767100] work in progress in etc/munin/plugins/cpu
* link:[#767018] work in progress in etc/munin/plugins/iostat_ios
* link:[#774685] workaround in bin/
=== jenkins-job-builder related
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