excuses: move the "Package tracker" link after the "Maintainer page" link

The grep-excuses -w option relies on the "Maintainer page" link
being the first text after the excuses output in `w3m -dump ...`,
if something else is before it, it gets printed after the excuses,
and printing "Package tracker" on the terminal isn't useful to anyone.

Fixes: commit 323f58d8
parent f2251406
......@@ -62,8 +62,8 @@ function print_excuse($package)
$url_pkg = urlencode($package);
print html_p(
html_a("Package tracker", "https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/$url_pkg", "")."<br />".
html_a("Maintainer page", "developer.php?package=$url_pkg", "")
html_a("Maintainer page", "developer.php?package=$url_pkg", "")." ".
html_a("Package tracker", "https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/$url_pkg", "")
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