Commit de8ca317 authored by Adam D. Barratt's avatar Adam D. Barratt

point-release-mail: improve setup of custom Jinja filters

Signed-off-by: 's avatarAdam D. Barratt <>
parent 98882d6f
......@@ -124,11 +124,14 @@ def jinja_render(template):
env = Environment (
env.filters['capfirst'] = capfirst
env.filters['wmlescape'] = _escape_for_wml
env.filters['nesteddictsort'] = nesteddictsort
env.filters['parawordwrap'] = parawordwrap
env.filters['lrjust'] = lrjust
filters = {
'capfirst': capfirst,
'lrjust': lrjust,
'nesteddictsort': nesteddictsort,
'parawordwrap': parawordwrap,
'wmlescape': _escape_for_wml,
# The template is a list of lines, but jinja expects a
# single string
t = env.from_string(''.join(template))
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