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Update list of supported formats.

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<li>Command-line interface</li>
<li>Text and HTML ouput</li>
<li>Supported archives: bzip2, cpio, <code>.deb</code>, gzip, ipk, iso9660, RPM, squashfs, tar, xz, zip</li>
<li>Supported formats: Debian <code>.changes</code>, TrueType and OpenType fonts, Gettext .mo, <code>.class</code>, Mono <code>.exe</code>, PDF, PNG, Sqlite3 databases, text files</li>
<li>Supported file formats: Android APK files, Android boot images, Berkeley DB database files, ColorSync colour profiles (.icc), Coreboot CBFS filesystem images, Dalvik .dex files, Debian .buildinfo files, Debian .changes files, Debian source packages (.dsc), Device Tree Compiler blob files, ELF binaries, FreeDesktop Fontconfig cache files, FreePascal files (.ppu), GHC Haskell .hi files, GIF image files, GNU R Rscript files (.rds), GNU R database files (.rdb), Gettext message catalogues, Git repositories, Gnumeric spreadsheets, Gzipped files, ISO 9660 CD images, JPEG images, JSON files, Java .class files, JavaScript files, LLVM IR bitcode files, MacOS binaries, Microsoft Windows icon files, Microsoft Word .docx files, Mono 'Portable Executable' files, Ogg Vorbis audio files, OpenOffice .odt files, OpenSSH public keys, OpenWRT package archives (.ipk), PDF documents, PGP signed/encrypted messages, PNG images, PostScript documents, RPM archives, Rust object files (.deflate), SQLite databases, SquashFS filesystems, TrueType font files, XML binary schemas (.xsb), XML files, XZ compressed files, ar(1) archives, bzip2 archives, character/block devices, cpio archives, directories, ext2/ext3/ext4/btrfs filesystems, statically-linked binaries, symlinks, tape archives (.tar), tcpdump capture files (.pcap) and text files.</li>
<li>Fallback on hexdump comparison</li>
<li>Fuzzy-matching to handle renamings</li>
<li>&hellip; and many more!</li>
<h2>Get diffoscope</h2>
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