tests:skip tests with diffs made with file,gz<5.36

Tests that use control files using diffs created with file version
before 5.37 containing gzipped files will fail due to its output being

    tests/data/test1.gz: gzip compressed [...] original size modulo 2^32 446

vs file < 5.36

    tests/data/test1.gz: gzip compressed [...] original size 446

Add a new decorator that ensures not only the minimum version of file is
used, but also that the maximum version of file is under 5.37. This
change in file was introduced in the following commit:

 https://github.com/file/file/commit/3c12eb8d1418181af93abdd466c64dcddf68ce16Signed-off-by: 's avatarSantiago Torres <santiago@archlinux.org>
parent 6058abd4
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