Commit 477584e9 authored by Chris Lamb's avatar Chris Lamb 💬

Rework a long string of "or" statements into a loop with a "break"

parent 1752e791
......@@ -173,15 +173,12 @@ class ZipFile(File):
differences = []
zipinfo_difference = None
if Config().exclude_directory_metadata != 'recursive':
zipinfo_difference = (
Difference.from_command(self.ZIPINFO, self.path, other.path)
or Difference.from_command(
self.ZIPINFO_VERBOSE, self.path, other.path
for x in (self.ZIPINFO, self.ZIPINFO_VERBOSE, BsdtarVerbose):
zipinfo_difference = Difference.from_command(
klass, self.path, other.path
or Difference.from_command(
BsdtarVerbose, self.path, other.path
if zipinfo_difference:
zipnote_difference = Difference.from_command(
Zipnote, self.path, other.path
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