Commit 5ed8e48b authored by anthraxx's avatar anthraxx Committed by Mattia Rizzolo

libarchive: add compatibility with python-libarchive >= 2.8

Python librarchive 2.8 removed the mtime_nsec property from
ArchiveEntry so lets wire the ffi function if available
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......@@ -80,6 +80,14 @@ if not hasattr(libarchive.ffi, 'entry_gname'):
'entry_gname', [libarchive.ffi.c_archive_entry_p], ctypes.c_char_p)
libarchive.ArchiveEntry.gname = property(
lambda self: libarchive.ffi.entry_gname(self._entry_p))
# Monkeypatch libarchive-c (>= 2.8)
# Wire mtime_nsec attribute as some libarchive versions (>=2.8) don't expose it
# for ArchiveEntry. Doing this allows a unified API no matter which version is
# available.
if not hasattr(libarchive.ArchiveEntry, 'mtime_nsec') and hasattr(libarchive.ffi, 'entry_mtime_nsec'):
libarchive.ArchiveEntry.mtime_nsec = property(
lambda self: libarchive.ffi.entry_mtime_nsec(self._entry_p))
# Monkeypatch libarchive-c so we always get pathname as (Unicode) str
# Otherwise, we'll get sometimes str and sometimes bytes and always pain.
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