Commit 63ce5bf2 authored by Ximin Luo's avatar Ximin Luo

Add some more documentation for ArFile/ArContainer

parent 9415dd7d
......@@ -26,14 +26,23 @@ from diffoscope.comparators.libarchive import LibarchiveContainer, list_libarchi
from diffoscope.comparators.utils import Command, tool_required
from diffoscope import logger
# TODO: this would also be useful for Go archives. Currently those are handled
# by StaticLibFile, but then readelf complains with "Error: Not an ELF file".
# ArFile gives slightly more reasonable output, e.g. a readable plain diff of
# the __.PKGDEF member which is just a text file containing the Go interface.
class ArContainer(LibarchiveContainer):
def get_members(self):
members = LibarchiveContainer.get_members(self)
cls = members.__class__
# for some reason libarchive outputs / and // as member names
# filter these out, otherwise they cause exceptions later
# for some reason libarchive outputs ["/", "//"] as member names for
# some archives. for now, let's just filter these out, otherwise they
# cause exceptions later. eventually, we should investigate this in
# more detail and handle it properly.
filtered_out = cls([p for p in members.items() if not os.path.basename(p[0])])
logger.debug("ignored ar members %s, probably a libarchive bug", list(filtered_out.keys()))
if filtered_out:
logger.debug("ignored directory ar members %s in %s, don't yet know how to handle these",
list(filtered_out.keys()), self.source.path)
return cls([p for p in members.items() if os.path.basename(p[0])])
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