Commit 7d8d8ea6 authored by Chris Lamb's avatar Chris Lamb 💬

Add tests for skip_unless_tool_exists helper.

parent 3524acac
......@@ -36,6 +36,14 @@ fuzzy_tar1 = load_fixture(data('fuzzy1.tar'))
fuzzy_tar2 = load_fixture(data('fuzzy2.tar'))
fuzzy_tar3 = load_fixture(data('fuzzy3.tar'))
def test_skip_unless_tool_exists_empty():
assert False, "Test should always be skipped"
def test_skip_unless_tool_exists_missing():
assert False, "Test should always be skipped"
@pytest.mark.skipif(miss_tlsh, reason='tlsh is missing')
def test_fuzzy_matching(fuzzy_tar1, fuzzy_tar2):
differences =
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