Commit afca0488 authored by Vibhu Agrawal's avatar Vibhu Agrawal

Handling ENOSPC for .zip/.aia or similar files

diffoscope/comparators/ added another except block to handle
parent b2b61327
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......@@ -152,6 +152,14 @@ class ZipContainer(Archive):
raise ContainerExtractionError(member_name, exc)
except OSError as ose:
if (ose.errno == 28):
sys.tracebacklimit = 0
raise ose
def get_member(self, member_name):
zipinfo = self.archive.getinfo(member_name)
if zipinfo.filename[-1] == '/':
  • I reverted this on master as I don't think it is ready to merge. Please use a merge request instead of committing directy to this branch - we can comment/review on the MR.

  • mentioned in commit c1f202c4

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  • Created an MR. Thanks for helping out.

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