Commit ccd926fa authored by Ximin Luo's avatar Ximin Luo

presenters/html: prune all descendants properly (Closes: #875281)

parent 8c92a267
......@@ -148,9 +148,10 @@ class Difference(object):
queue = queue if queue is not None else [(scorer(self, None), self)]
while queue:
val, top = heapq.heappop(queue)
yield ((top, val) if yield_score else top)
for d in top._details:
heapq.heappush(queue, (scorer(d, val), d))
prune_descendants = yield ((top, val) if yield_score else top)
if not prune_descendants:
for d in top._details:
heapq.heappush(queue, (scorer(d, val), d))
def from_feeder(feeder1, feeder2, path1, path2, source=None, comment=None, **kwargs):
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ def escape_anchor(val):
def output_diff_path(path):
return '/'.join(n.source1 for n in path[1:])
return ' / '.join(n.source1 for n in path[1:])
def output_anchor(path):
......@@ -579,22 +579,20 @@ class HTMLPresenter(Presenter):
continuations = {} # functions to print unified diff continuations (html-dir only)
printers = {} # nodes to their printers
def smallest_first(node, parscore):
depth = parscore[0] + 1 if parscore else 0
parents = parscore[3] if parscore else []
def smallest_first(node, parent_score):
depth = parent_score[0] + 1 if parent_score else 0
parents = parent_score[3] if parent_score else []
# Difference is not comparable so use memory address in event of a tie
return depth, node.size_self(), id(node), parents + [node]
pruned = set() # children
for node, score in root_difference.traverse_heapq(smallest_first, yield_score=True):
if node in pruned:
ancestor = ancestors.pop(node, None)
def process_node(node, score):
path = score[3]
diff_path = output_diff_path(path)
pagename = md5(diff_path)
logger.debug('html output for %s', diff_path)
ancestor = ancestors.pop(node, None)
assert ancestor in path or (ancestor is None and node is root_difference)
node_output, node_continuation = output_node(ctx, node, path, " ", len(path)-1)
add_to_existing = False
......@@ -627,13 +625,10 @@ class HTMLPresenter(Presenter):
if not make_new_subpage: # we hit a limit, either max-report-size or single-page
if not outputs:
# no more holes, don't traverse any more nodes
raise StopIteration
# don't traverse this node's children, they won't be output
# however there are holes in other pages, so don't break just yet
for child in node.details:
# True = don't traverse any children either
return True
# unconditionally write the root node regardless of limits
assert node is root_difference
......@@ -648,6 +643,7 @@ class HTMLPresenter(Presenter):
stored = node
for child in node.details:
logger.debug("scheduling future html output for: %s" % output_diff_path(path + [child]))
ancestors[child] = stored
conts = continuations.setdefault(stored, [])
......@@ -656,6 +652,15 @@ class HTMLPresenter(Presenter):
self.maybe_print(stored, printers, outputs, continuations)
nodes = root_difference.traverse_heapq(smallest_first, yield_score=True)
prune_prev_node_descendants = None
while True:
node, score = nodes.send(prune_prev_node_descendants)
prune_prev_node_descendants = process_node(node, score)
except StopIteration:
if outputs:
import pprint
pprint.pprint(outputs, indent=4)
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