Commit ef2aa62f authored by Chris Lamb's avatar Chris Lamb 💬

Avoid clumsy profiling title length calculations by using Markdown syntax, not reStructuredText.

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......@@ -72,21 +72,18 @@ class ProfileManager(object):
def output(self, print_fn):
title = "Profiling output for: {}".format(' '.join(sys.argv))
title = "# Profiling output for: {}".format(' '.join(sys.argv))
print_fn("=" * len(title))
def key(x):
return x[1]['time']
for namespace, keys in sorted(, key=lambda x: x[0]):
subtitle = "{} (total time: {:.3f}s)".format(
print_fn("\n## {} (total time: {:.3f}s)".format(
sum(x['time'] for x in keys.values()),
print_fn("\n{}\n{}\n".format(subtitle, "-" * len(subtitle)))
for value, totals in sorted(keys.items(), key=key, reverse=True):
print_fn(" {:10.3f}s {:6d} call{} {}".format(
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