Commit f8fc0baa authored by Chris Lamb's avatar Chris Lamb 💬

Regenerate debian/tests/control with no material changes to "add" the regeneration comment.

Gbp-Dch: ignore
parent 5574a4e4
# EDIT debian/tests/ INSTEAD!
# To regenerate:
# $ debian/rules clean
# $ mv debian/tests/control.tmp debian/tests/control
Tests: pytest-with-recommends
Depends: diffoscope, python3-pytest, file, linux-image-amd64 [amd64] | linux-image-generic [amd64], abootimg, acl, binutils-multiarch, bzip2, caca-utils, colord, db-util, default-jdk-headless | default-jdk | java-sdk, device-tree-compiler, docx2txt, e2fsprogs, enjarify, fontforge-extras, fp-utils [!ppc64el !s390x], genisoimage, gettext, ghc, ghostscript, giflib-tools, gnumeric, gnupg, imagemagick, jsbeautifier, libarchive-tools, llvm, lz4 | liblz4-tool, mono-utils, ocaml-nox, odt2txt, openssh-client, pgpdump, poppler-utils, procyon-decompiler, r-base-core, rpm2cpio, sng, sqlite3, squashfs-tools, tcpdump, unzip, xmlbeans, xxd | vim-common, xz-utils, python3-distro, python3-argcomplete, python3-progressbar, python3-binwalk, python3-defusedxml, python3-guestfs, python3-jsondiff, python3-debian, python3-pyxattr, python3-rpm, python3-tlsh
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