Commit fc78bf07 authored by Chris Lamb's avatar Chris Lamb 💬

Release version 68

parent 35fdaf23
diffoscope (68) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Chris Lamb ]
* Don't blow up if directory containing ELF debug symbols already exists.
(Closes: #850807)
* Fix .APK extration when provided with absolute filenames.
(Closes: #850485)
* Support comparing .ico files using img2txt. (Closes: #850730)
* comparators.utils.file: If we don't have an archive-extraction tool (eg.
apktool), don't blow up when attempting to unpack it.
* Include magic file type when we know the file format but can't find
file-specific details. (Closes: #850850)
* Ensure fake "APK metadata" file appears first, fixing non-deterministic
* Correctly escape value of href="" elements (re. #849411)
* Optimisations:
- Disable profiling entirely (unless enabled) for a 2%+ optimisation
- Compile APK filename regex instead of generating it each loop.
* Logging:
- Log tempfile cleanup process
- Log when we add a progress observer.
- Drop milliseconds from log output
* Misc:
- Many unused import removals, indentation changes, etc.
- Fix duplicated word and long line errors in debian/changelog.
- Suggest some promotion in post-release documentation.
[ Maria Glukhova ]
* comparators/device: don't crash when comparing a non-device against a
device (Closes: #850055)
* Remove archive name from apktool.yml and rename it. (Closes: #850501)
* Zipinfo included in APK files comparison. (Closes: #850502)
- Add some tests for APK comparator.
* Add image metadata comparison. (Closes: #849395)
* Ensure imagemagick version is new enough for image metadata tests.
[ Mattia Rizzolo ]
* Skip the openssh_pub_key test if the version of ssh is < 6.9.
* comparators/icc: rename RE_FILE_EXTENSION to RE_FILE_TYPE, as that's what
the regular expression is looking for.
* Make use of a new mechanism to remove a bunch of recognizes() methods
dealing with simple RE_FILE_TYPE matching.
-- Chris Lamb <> Mon, 16 Jan 2017 11:24:22 +1100
diffoscope (67) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Chris Lamb ]
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