1. 11 Sep, 2016 7 commits
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      html-dir: use 4 * the given max-diff-block-lines · 8a4729c9
      Ximin Luo authored
      This way, --html x.html --html-dir x gives reasonable output for both.
      The hardcoded ratio could be another flag, but I think we have enough flags.
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      difference: Don't truncate diff output by default, and use a separate flag when doing so · 35d48f9d
      Ximin Luo authored
      Previously, max-diff-block-lines would also (on top of altering html output)
      interfere with diff's output on a deeper level, hiding it from all presenters.
      This was surprising with --text output since it does not honour max-report-size
      and is meant to be a "pure-by-default" output that shows everything.
      So now we move this behaviour to a separate flag, max-diff-block-lines-saved,
      and document it more clearly. Most users should not need this, unless they keep
      running out of memory.
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      html-dir: In html-dir output, split large diffs across several child pages · 9d804217
      Ximin Luo authored
      Also add some flags so html-dir behaviour is easier to reason about.
      1. Previously, max-report-size would apply to both parent and child pages,
      which didn't work well if you disabled this limit.
      Instead, we now add an extra --max-report-child-size that remains in effect
      even with --no-default-limits.
      2. Previously, separate-file-diff-size would affect the parent page in an
      unsmooth way: if a diff block had N lines, the parent page would contain N
      lines, but if the diff block had N+1 lines, then 0 would be shown on the parent
      page. This gives a visually counterintuitive result where a larger diff would
      have less presence on the parent overview page.
      Instead, we now change this to --max-diff-block-lines-parent which has a
      smoother behaviour. If the diff block has N+1 lines, then N would be shown on
      the parent page and 1 would be shown on the child page. This could be smoothed
      out further, but we'll leave this complexity for the future.
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