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    • Juliana Oliveira Rodrigues's avatar
      tests: test_elf: fixed readelf exit code 1 · 9e2013fe
      Juliana Oliveira Rodrigues authored
      Due to a recent code change in readelf, when no section was found,
      readelf returned code 1 instead of the previous code 0. This behaviour
      change caused diffoscope to not append details whenever a section wasn't
      found, including in our own tests.
      The modification was made in version 2.29 of binutils and – although was
      quickly fixed in version 2.29.1 – leaves a version hole where diffoscope
      might not work as expected without further information.
      This patch adds a version checker for readelf where a few tests are
      ignored if someone happens to be using binutils 2.29.
      For more information on the change:
      Fixes #877728
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarJuliana Oliveira Rodrigues <juliana.orod@gmail.com>
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    • Mike Hommey's avatar
      Add fallbacks to elf code section disassembly. (Closes: #879003) · bfbb1223
      Mike Hommey authored
      Because objdump --line-numbers can be extremely slow, it can be worth
      skipping it, and just get a disassembly (especially when the files don't
      contain line numbers debug info, where ironically, objdump is slow with
      The --exclude-command command line option allows to skip some commands,
      and one can use that to skip the command that uses --line-numbers, but
      in that case, no difference is shown for the code sections.
      This change adds a fallback in that case, where objdump is called
      without the --line-numbers command, making disassembly faster.
      But that can still be too time consuming (especially because the output
      can be large, and diffing that can be a long process, so allow to
      exclude /that/ too, and fallback to an hexdump in that case.
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