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      Use libarchive to list files in tar and cpio archives · 3cc336c7
      Jérémy Bobbio authored
      The output of cpio and tar is too hard to control properly, so let's
      create a similar enough output using libarchive functions.
      We need to monkeypatch the libarchive binding in order to add the
      missing accessors.
      Sadly, there's no way in libarchive API to distinguish an archive
      which would have usernames and uids from one that would have only usernames.
      But good enough, I guess.
      Closes: #808809
  11. 05 Dec, 2015 3 commits
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      Always compare container content if applicable · af6a0f09
      Jérémy Bobbio authored
      Now that we have a common interface for containers, we can compare their
      content as part of the default procedure. This saves having to do so
      in every compare_details() methods.
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      Make container class available on demand instead of bracketing · c359af51
      Jérémy Bobbio authored
      To access the content of a container, we used to require call to the open()
      method. Such bracketed operation makes it difficult to implement parallel
      processing. Instead, we now make container objects associated with a given file
      type available through the as_container property.
      The as_container property will lazily initialize an associated container
      object. The reference to the container object will be removed when the
      cleanup() method is called. Ressource can thus be deallocated on garbage
      With this change, we can finally make Container.compare() return an iterator
      that can be lazily consumed instead of an evaluated list: the various files that
      need to be extracted to perform the comparisosn will be made available when
      File types which can be treated as containers must now define the
      CONTAINER_CLASS constant to point at a Container subclass handling this
      particular file type.
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      Use lazy extraction instead of explicit bracketing · 303aee94
      Jérémy Bobbio authored
      Previously, code requiring access to file content had to be explicitly
      bracketed using get_content() for files to be extracted and then deleted.
      Such construction is problematic for parallel processing as a file might be
      processed be multiple operations currently (e.g. multiple files being extracted
      from a unique archive at the same time).
      We thus removes the get_content() context and @needs_content decorator to
      prefer lazy path initialization: actual content will be made available through
      the path property. The extraction will happen then if necessary.
      The extracted file should normally be deleted when Python garbage collector
      reclaims the object. As a safety net, we still have a global registry of all
      temporary files and directories and remove them on exit.
  12. 03 Sep, 2015 2 commits
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      Improve overloading of what gets compared in a container · e86d4449
      Jérémy Bobbio authored
      Most often, containers need to overload the set of files that gets
      compared and not the way comparisons are performed. So we introduce
      a new method get_members that returns a dictionary of names and
      members. The names will be used to match which file should actually be
      We also split the compare method using a 'comparisons' generator.
      This should also allow other less conventional extensions in the future.
      This reduces some code duplication (especially visible in .changes)
      and make the situation for .gzip, .bz2, and .xz more straightforward.
      We also take the opportunity to remove the useless 'source' argument
      in Container.compare which was uncessarily complicating the code.
    • Jérémy Bobbio's avatar
      Pass --force-local to cpio · 636731ae
      Jérémy Bobbio authored
      We don't want filenames with ':' to trigger remote copies.
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      Rename to diffoscope · 98ff014e
      Jérémy Bobbio authored
      debbindiff has grown way beyond a being just a tool to compare Debian packages.
      Let's rename it to better reflect this state of things.
      Kudos to Jocelyn Delalande for the name “diffoscope”!
      We introduce a new transitional binary package to keep too many things to
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      Use numeric uid/gid when listing cpio content · d13c619c
      Jérémy Bobbio authored
      cpio actually stores uid/gid in numeric form. This means the listing
      output used to be different from one system to the next. As this could
      hide differences, let's just display the numbers instead.
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    • Jérémy Bobbio's avatar
      Massive rearchitecturing: make each file type have their own class · 5c02e000
      Jérémy Bobbio authored
      A good amount of the code for comparators is now based on classes
      instead of methods. Each file type gets its own classs.
      The base class, File, is an abstract class that can represent files
      on the filesystem but also files that can be extracted from an archive.
      This design makes room for future implementation of fuzzy-matching.
      Each file type class implements a class method recognizes() that will
      receives an unspecialized File instance. This is way more flexible than
      the old constrained regex table approach. The new identification method
      used for Haskell interfaces is a good illustration. Appropriate caching
      for calls to libmagic methods is there as they are still frequently used
      and tend to be rather slow.
      An unspecialized File object will then be typecasted into the class that
      recognized it. If that does not happen, binary comparison is implemented
      by the File class.
      Instead of redefining the compare() method which returns a single
      Difference or None, file type classes can implement compare_details()
      which returns an array of “inside” differences. An empty array means no
      differences were found.
      This new approach makes room to handle special file types better. As an
      example, device files can now be compared directly as their extraction
      from archives is problematic without root access.
      To reduce a good amount of boilerplate code, the Container and its
      subclass Archive has been introduced to represent anything that
      “contains” more file to be compared. While the API might still be
      improved, this already helped a good amount of code become more
      consistent. This will also make it pretty straightforward to implement
      parallel processing in a near future.
      Some archive formats (at least cpio and iso9660) were pretty annoying
      to work with. To get rid of some painful code, we now use
      libarchive—through the ctypes based wrapper libarchive-c—to handle these
      archives in a generic manner. One downside is that libarchive is very
      stream-oriented which is not really suited to our random-access model.
      We'll see how this impacts performance in the future.
      Other less crucial changes:
       - `find` is now used to compare directory listings.
       - The fallback code in case the `rpm` module cannot be found has been
         isolated to a `comparators.rpm_fallback` module.
       - Symlinks and devices are now compared in a consistent manner.
       - `md5sums` files in Debian packages are now only recognized when
         they are part of a Debian package.
       - Files in squashfs are now extracted one by one.
       - Text files with different encodings can be compared and this difference
         is recorded as well.
       - Test coverage is now at 92% for comparators.
      Sincere apologies for this unreviewable commit.
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      Comparators now return a single Difference · 2d362505
      Jérémy Bobbio authored
      The forest approach was often clumsy and ill-specified. Now
      comparators are expected to return a single Difference, or None.
      To make it easy for comparators who are producing details, a new decorator
      `returns_details` will create a wrapping Difference object for free. This
      was previously a side-effect of using the `binary_fallback` decorator.
      This new decorator will filter None from the list of differences,
      removing some boilerplate from the comparators.
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    • Jérémy Bobbio's avatar
      Refactor Difference constructor · e9d72ec4
      Jérémy Bobbio authored
      Difference() now takes an unified diff directly. Computing the diff is
      moved to a new static method from_content() which returns None when there are
      no differences.
      This paves the way for passing file descriptors to from_content() to avoid
      loading entire outputs in memory.
  21. 27 Mar, 2015 1 commit
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      Perform content comparison when creating Difference objects · 3d5f0d7b
      Jérémy Bobbio authored
      Instead of storing the full content twice when creating Difference objects, we
      now directly run `diff` and store the unified diff. Large blocks in the diff
      are still trimmed. This results in huge memory savings and debbindiff can now
      happily compare changes for installation-guide.
      As tool_required() is not only for comparators anymore, we move it to
      debbindiff, together with logger.
      Text output becomes really straightforward as we just have to write what
      we've previously recorded.
      For the HTML output, we stop using vim and instead borrow code from
      diff2html.py found at <http://git.droids-corp.org/?p=diff2html.git>.
      Closes: #772029
      Closes: #779476
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      Improve optional usage of external commands · ce420f6f
      Jérémy Bobbio authored
      The `tool_required` decorator now raises an exception when
      the command cannot be found. This enables more flexible handling.
      Associated Debian package is now suggested in the comment.
      The list of external tools is now available through the `--list-tools`
      command-line option. We also use this output to generate the Recommends field.
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