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......@@ -19,11 +19,22 @@ Open questions for multi project notes.git:
- to mark a note for a project, we add the project and even name and version
are optional? (would that be correct yaml?)
+ 'version' can probably be made mandatory?
+ to mark a note for a project, can we do
socat.upstream.version: null
meaning ' is the newest debian package version known to have the bug'
and "as of this writing, upstream doesn't have the bug"?
- shall we keep a hard-coded list of projects or how to detect them? (not all
projects starts capitalized, eg coreboot)
- also see the file ideas_on_sharing_notes_between_distros in this directory…
(instead of using "distro"-keys as suggested there we use distros.yaml to
save people lots of "distro"-typing and intending in (packages|issues).yaml)
- instead of socat.debian.bugs: and socat.bugs:, change the latter to
- Allow specifying 'bug: http://foo/bar' and *not* have that appended to
bug-base:, in case some bugs are canonically tracked in an external bug
tracker (e.g., some at bugs.${project}.org and some at github)
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