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Merge duplicate issue, thanks ebourg.

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......@@ -1209,12 +1209,6 @@ date_added_by_ui_auto:
probably need autoreconfing and extra Build-Depends, alas. Patch in itself
shouldn't be too hard (ui-auto:src/m4/ui-auto.m4)
deterministic: True
description: |
Adds a timestamp to META-INF/spring.handlers, META-INF/spring.schemas etc.
Package is likely libxbean-java but not immediately obvious where the date
actually comes from.
deterministic: True
description: |
Unknown non-determinism added by this tool that turns files into Python.
......@@ -14172,7 +14172,7 @@ mimetic:
version: 2.0.13-1
- timestamps_added_by_xbean_spring
- timestamp_added_by_java_util_properties
version: 2.3.00+dfsg-1
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