Commit f9da49e8 authored by Chris Lamb's avatar Chris Lamb 💬

Add new timestamps_in_org_mode_html_output toolchain issue.

parent 539f2e1f
......@@ -1346,3 +1346,13 @@ varnish_vmodtool_random_file_id:
description: |
Differences near the start and end of a GPG keyring, on lines 2, 8, -2, and -1 of the hexdump.
description: |
emacs' org-mode can convert .org to .html on the command line, eg
$ emacs --batch -f org-html-export-to-html --kill
This adds some timestamps, including
<!-- 2016-09-24 sam 14:54 -->
<p class="date">Created: 2016-09-24 sam 14:54</p>
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