Commit fd229d4d authored by Mattia Rizzolo's avatar Mattia Rizzolo

drop odd issue ftbfs_in_jenkins_setup_due_to_socket_binding

there was only one package using this, and that package builds now...
also, binding an used port is already covered by ftbfs_in_jenkins_setup,
even if it shouldn't happen anymore due to pbuilder using a separate
network namespace
Signed-off-by: Mattia Rizzolo's avatarMattia Rizzolo <>
parent 490bd3ea
......@@ -546,9 +546,6 @@ ftbfs_in_jenkins_setup:
allowed but pbuilder doesn't support this yet (this should only be interesting
for debian-installer)
3) something else, the machine is heavily loaded all the time...
description: |
FTBFS due to some socket binding issue (not re-using ports like ftbfs_in_jenkins_setup)
description: |
r-base-dev leaves a build timestamp (showing date + time + timezone) in
......@@ -25936,10 +25936,6 @@ systemd-ui:
version: 3-4
- gcc_captures_build_path
version: 0.6.0-1
- ftbfs_in_jenkins_setup_due_to_socket_binding
version: 4:5.8.0-1
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