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......@@ -80,9 +80,19 @@ Reproducible Builds for Maven
Getting reproducible builds with Maven requires configuration: see [](
for more details.
To create a source release zip, see [Apache Source Release Assembly Descriptor](
### source release archive
To create a source release archive, see [Apache Source Release Assembly Descriptor](
that is commonly used. Nothing prevents you to create your own assembly descriptor or even use another plugin: don't hesitate to share recipes.
### rebuild arguments
A rebuilder does not need to execute integration tests or even unit tests, may even skip compiling unit tests.
Classical arguments contain following patterns:
- `package` phase: no need to `deploy` or even `install`
- `-Dmaven.test.skip`: avoid running tests and even compiling tests
- `-DskipTests`: avoid running tests, but still builds (necessary for some projects)
- `-Dgpg.skip`: avoid pgp signing
- `-Papache-release` or any release profile: activate release-specific tasks used by `maven-release-plugin`
Reproducible Builds for sbt
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