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year: "2019"
month: "06"
title: "Reproducible Builds in June 2019"
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## Mini DebConf Hamburg Sprint
kpcyrd, lynxis, Holger Levsen and Jelle van der Waa attended [mini DebConf Hamburg]( and worked on reproducible builds.
* Jelle van der Waa
* Improved the [ script]( to generate distro specific JSON which lead to the availability of an [Arch Linux JSON]( file.
* Investigated why the Arch Linux kernel package is not reproducible and found out that ```KBUILD_BUILD_HOST```, ```KGBUILD_BUILD_TIMESTAMP``` should be set. The enabling of ```CONFIG_MODULE_SIG_ALL``` causes the kernel modules to be signed with an at build time created key if non is provided which leads to unreproducibility.
* [keyutils]( was fixed for embedding the build date in it's binary with this [patch](
* [nspr]( has been made reproducible in Arch Linux with the follow ing [change](
* kpcyrd
* Created a Jenkins [job]( to generate an Alpine build chroot
* Created a Jenkins [job]( to schedule new Alpine packages
* Created a Jenkins [job]( for building Alpine packages
* Provided a proof of concept [patch]( to make abuild respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH when creating Alpine packages files.
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