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2019-05: extend 5 FIXMEs

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title: "Reproducible builds in May 2019"
* [FIXME](
* Luca Boccassi [proposed a change]( to repotest to not use the `nocheck` option to make more reproducibility issues visible.
* Vagrant Cascadian [submitted a patch to u-boot]( fixing reproducibility when building a new type of compressed image.
* [GNU Guix 1.0.0 released](
* [FIXME](
* [FIXME]( wired reporting: A single group of hackers appears responsible for supply chain hacks of CCleaner, Asus, and more, planting backdoors on millions of machines.
* [FIXME](
* [FIXME]( Mozilla Add-on Policies effective 2019-06-10 state: Add-ons may contain transpiled, minified or otherwise machine-generated code, but Mozilla needs to review a copy of the human-readable source code. The author must provide this information to Mozilla during submission along with instructions on how to reproduce the build.
* [FIXME](
* [FIXME]( PyCon 2019 talk: Building reproducible Python applications for secured environments
* [FIXME]( also mentioned on twitter
* [FIXME](
* [FIXME](
* [FIXME]( Atharva Lele is going to work on reproducible builds for [buildroot]( as part of Google Summer of Code.
* lists.r-b.o changed home; thanks to []( for hosting us all this time. Also many thanks to Profitbricks for hosting our new mailserver, mail.r-b.o.
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