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title: How to join the Salsa group
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......@@ -17,8 +17,6 @@ First, visit **[](** and s
### 2. Create a guest account on Salsa
Next, create your account. Note that your username will be suffixed with `-guest` to distinguish you from official Debian Developers.
......@@ -31,24 +29,18 @@ After registering, you should see the following screen:
### 3. Check your email
You will have to confirm your email address to proceed. Check your email inbox and follow the link provided:
### 4. Login to your new account
Next, login to your new account. **Remember that your username will have be suffixed with `-guest`.**
### 5. Join the *Reproducible Builds* group
On *Salsa*, development is split into groups. You will need to join the [reproducible-builds]( group before you can commit directly to our Git repositories. You can, however, submit [merge requests]( without this step.
......@@ -63,24 +55,18 @@ After requesting access, you should see the following message:
### 6. Wait for confirmation
Unfortunately you will have to wait for someone on the Reproducible Builds team to accept your request. You should receive an email once this occurs:
### 7. Add an SSH key
Finally, to push directly to our Git repositories you will need to add your SSH key to your *Salsa* account settings. You can do this by visiting **[](**:
### 8. Congratulations!
Congratulations, you are now part of the *Reproducible Builds* group on *Salsa* and you should now be able to clone and push to our repositories via Git.
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