First stab at documenting the JVM buildinfo format

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......@@ -54,3 +54,44 @@ Tails does not record a buildinfo file per se, but instead the
[vagrant directory of the main git repo]( contains all information
necessary to reproducibly rebuild that revision of Tails.
### JVM
The buildinfo conventions for the JVM ecosystem are under active development.
Join the discussion on the
[mailinglist]({{ "/docs/contribute/" | prepend: site.baseurl }}).
The format for buildinfo files in the JVM ecosystem is a
[.properties file](
For multi-module builds, each produced artifact will have its
own buildinfo file.
Common keys are:
|name|Name of the packaged entity|
|group-id|Corresponds to the Maven group id or Ivy organization|
|artifact-id|Corresponds the the Maven artifact id or Ivy artifact name
|version|Version of the software|
|java.version|Version of Java used to build the software|
|build-tool|Name of the build tool used to build the software, e.g. `maven` or `sbt`|
Each build tool or plugin is free to add additional values to the buildinfo.
For example, [sbt-reproducible-builds]( adds:
|sbt.version|Version of sbt used to build the software|
|scala.version|Version of Scala used to build the software|
A buildinfo file can contain checksums for multiple files, for example for the
main jar and the accompanying pom.xml:
|files.0.filename|Filename of the first file|
|files.0.length|Length of the first file|
|files.0.checksums.sha256|SHA-256 Checksum of the first file|
|files.1.filename|Filename of the second file|
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