Commit 6bbbe957 authored by Bernhard M. Wiedemann's avatar Bernhard M. Wiedemann

2019-05: +1 patch

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......@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ The Reproducible Builds project detects, dissects and attempts to fix as many cu
* [python-Fabric3]( (workaround FTBFS -j1)
* [python-rjsmin]( (disable profiling)
* [gettext-runtime]( (use `S_D_E`)
* [pithos]( (make noarch .pyc files)
* [python-ovirt-engine-sdk]( (Sort input file list)
* [osc]( (report multibuild dep bug hindering openSUSE reproducible builds)
* [python-nbconvert]( (FTBFS -j1)
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