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Add reference to Wikipedia rename.

parent 7d6dd729
......@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@ Here's what happened in the [Reproducible Builds](https://reproducible-builds.or
* Holger Levsen posted to our [mailing list]( that *Reproducible Builds* t-shirts are available to contributors. Please see the [corresponding thread]( for more information.
* Chris Lamb [requested that the "Deterministic compilation" Wikipedia page]( be renamed to [Reproducible builds]( (via the "[Technical move requests](" mechanism) given that this is now overwhelmingly the generally accepted term for this concept.
* 17 Debian package reviews were added, 5 were updated and 14 were removed in this week, adding to [our knowledge about identified issues]( Two new issue types were added this week by Chris Lamb ([`timestamp_added_by_gnuradio_grcc`]( and [`paths_vary_due_to_usrmerge`]( and he also updated a number of others, including as well as adding references to various existing notes ([1]( & [2](, merging a duplicate issue [[...](], and adding a bug reference for a patch [[...](].
* Holger Levsen updated our website project to add [IPFS]( as a participant at [our upcoming Paris Summit]( [[...](] and replaced an instance of "Tor" with "[Tor Project](" [[...](]. In addition, Chris Lamb added a number of missing dates to the presentation page [[...](].
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