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* [Late Night Linux podcast appearance](
Here's what happened in the [Reproducible Builds]( effort between Sunday November 18 and Saturday November 24 2018:
* [FIXME]( apache maven continues work on r-b
* Reproducible Builds were [mentioned on the latest episode]( of the [Late Night Linux]( podcast starting at `18m03s`. ([Direct link](
* [Apache Maven]( are continuing their work on reproducible builds, documenting their progress on their [corresponding Confluence page](
* Holger Levsen posted to our [mailing list]( that *Reproducible Builds* t-shirts are available to contributors. Please see the [corresponding thread]( for more information.
* 17 Debian package reviews were added, 5 were updated and 14 were removed in this week, adding to [our knowledge about identified issues]( Two new issue types were added this week by Chris Lamb ([`timestamp_added_by_gnuradio_grcc`]( and [`paths_vary_due_to_usrmerge`]( and he also updated a number of others, including as well as adding references to various existing notes ([1]( & [2](, merging a duplicate issue [[...](], and adding a bug reference for a patch [[...](].
* Holger Levsen updated our website project to add [IPFS]( as a participant at [our upcoming Paris Summit]( [[...](] and replaced an instance of "Tor" with "[Tor Project](" [[...](]. In addition, Chris Lamb added a number of missing dates to the presentation page [[...](].
* We have received more than 50 registrations for the upcoming [Reproducible Builds summit in Paris]( between 11th—13th December 2018 and registrations are now closed. Again, very much looking forward to seeing you there.
Packages reviewed and fixed, and bugs filed
* Bernhard M. Wiedemann:
* [lirc]( (date, sort, `uname -r`, [also submitted upstream](
* [tigervnc]( (use cmake TIMESTAMP)
* [tigervnc]( (use [CMake]( timestamp)
* [plasma5-desktop]( (parallelism)
* [python-textX]( (drop indeterministic files)
* [python-textX]( (drop non-deterministic files)
* Chris Lamb:
* [#914091]( filed against [googletest](
* [#914176]( filed against [cfitsio](
* [#914252]( filed against [gnuradio](
* Emmanuel Bourg:
* [#914278]( filed against [openjdk-11](
diffoscope development
[diffoscope]( is our in-depth "diff-on-steroids" utility which helps us diagnose reproducibility issues in packages. This week, version `106` was [uploaded to Debian unstable]( by Mattia Rizzolo. It [included contributions already covered in previous weeks]( as well as new ones by Mattia Rizzolo:
* Override the new [Lintian]('s [public-upstream-key-in-native-package]( tag. [[...](]
* Temporary disable `Depends:` on [Gnumeric]( and [Procyon]( as they are RC buggy. [[...](]
Test framework development
There were a large number of updates to our [Jenkins]( testing framework that powers []( this week, including:
* Chris Lamb:
* Add support for calculating a [PureOS]( package set. [[...](]
* Eli Schwartz:
* Provide an even-better explanation for a `sed(1)` command in the [Archlinux]( support. [[...](]
* Holger Levsen:
* Explicitly also install [GnuPG]( [[...](]
* Perform some node maintenance. [[...](]
* Jelle van der Waa:
* Set `LANG/LC_ALL` in build 1 in the Archlinux support. [[...](]
* Niko Tyni:
* Fix the [umask]( information on the "[Variations tested](" page. [[...](]
* Simon McVittie:
* Disable the [merged /usr functionality](]) in the base Debian tarball. [[...](]
This week's edition was written by Bernhard M. Wiedemann, Chris Lamb & reviewed by a bunch of Reproducible Builds folks on IRC & the mailing lists.
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